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Tracing and Documenting Ukrainian Victims of the RAVENSBRÜCK Concentration Camp

Research project by Kalyna Bezchlibnyk-Butler with participation of descendants of victims Christine Eliashevsky-Chraibi, Lydia Eliashevsky-Replansky, Oksana Marciuk, Orysia Marciuk, Marc Infeld.

Introduction by Daria Darewych - President of Shevchenko Scientific Society of Canada 

Iryna Revutsky - President  of Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre

Лев Глоба, українець, герой французького підпілля у Другій Світовій Війні

"They saved other people's children, risking their own" - Lecture by Dr. Igor Shchupak

Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre (UCRDC) in corporation with Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE)

Lecture by Dr. Igor Shchupak, Director of "Tkuma" Ukrainian Institute For Holocaust Studies and the Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine". Held on September 20, 2018 at St. Vladimir Theatre in Toronto