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The UCRDC produces documentary films, prepares educational materials, and sponsors lectures, conferences and exhibits on various topics related to Ukrainian issues.

It also functions as a resource centre with catalogued archives, oral histories (audio and video), photographs, memoirs and personal archives.

The UCRDC depends on voluntary donations – both individual and institutional - for its financing.

It provides receipts for tax purposes.

Our MAJOR supporteRS

(in alphabetical order)

  1. BCU Foundation, Toronto

  2. Canada Ukraine Foundation

  3. Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies - Curkowskyj Fund, Toronto

  4. Cosbild Club, Toronto

  5. Mrs Delores Buka-Huculak, Toronto

  6. Holodomor Research & Education Consortium, CIUS, University of Alberta

  7. Ihnatowycz Family Foundation, Toronto

  8. Prometheus Foundation -Stefan Onyszcuk & Stefania Szwed Foundation, Toronto

  9. Shevchenko Foundation (Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko), Winnipeg

  10. Shevchenko Foundation, Ukrainian Canadian Veterans Fund

  11. SUS Foundation of Canada, Toronto

  12. Temerty Family Foundation, Toronto

  13. The Homenko Fund, Winnipeg

  14. The Huculak Foundation, Toronto

  15. The Kalimin Foundation, Toronto

  16. Shevchenko Foundation

  17. Ukrainian Credit Union Limited, Toronto

  18. Ukrainian Senior Citizens Home of Taras H. Shevchenko

Dutch Officers & 
The Ukrainian Insurgent Army

The one-hour documentary deals with the 1932-33 Famine-Genocide in Ukraine

  1. Annotated scripts for this film.

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Harvest of Despair

Dutch Officers & 
The Ukrainian Insurgent Army

Between Hitler and Stalin: Ukraine in World War II, the Untold Story

The one-hour documentary recounts events in Ukraine on the brink and during the course of World WarII.

  1. Annotated scripts for this film

  2. Film on YouTube

  3. Film with Russian Subtitles

  4. Companion book.pdf

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UCRDC Archive, established in 1988, acquires, preserves, and makes available documentary sources relevant to the Ukrainian Canadian Community. Access to the archival holdings is provided for legitimate researchers, academics and students. Materials available include ─ video and audio interviews, videos, films, photographs, documents, and books.

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“In its archives, the UCRDC has a collection of oral history testimonies of Ukrainian Canadians who served in the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII ...

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Oral History – Canadian Armed Forces

Women’s DP Camp Riccione, Italy, 1945

Travelling exhibit about the internment of Ukrainians in Canada, 1914-20, includes  full text of the exhibit panels.

Exhibit included the showing of Yuri Luhovy’s film about internment, Freedom Had a Price

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The Barbed Wire Solution

The groundbreaking oral history project Children of Holodomor Survivors Speak consists of interviews with children of the survivors of the Ukrainian Holodomor (genocidal famine) and is the first such project to address its impact on the lives of the second generation of survivors in the diaspora.

We are grateful to the Temerty family for their gift of support which made this project possible.

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NEW ORAL HISTORY PROJECTArchive-Oral-History-Children_of_Holodomor_Survivors_Speak.html

Children of Holodomor Survivors Speak

Women’s DP Camp Riccione, Italy, 1945

Between mid-1942 and the beginning of 1944 the German prisoner of war camp Stalag 371 in Stanislav (now city of Ivano-Frankivs’k in Western Ukraine) was used to house some 2400 Dutch officers as prisoners of war. After Germany occupied the Netherlands in May 1940 most of the Dutch officers were taken as prisoners of war and sent to German POW camps in Germany and later on some of them were sent to POW camp in then occupied Stanislav.

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As one of UCRDC’S current projects,  interviews with Ukrainians who assisted Jews during the Holocaust bring together insights and first person witness accounts on Ukrainian Jewish relations.

These include oral history interviews with Ukrainians who took great personal risks by assisting Jews during the Holocaust, recent perspectives by Ukrainian Jewish leaders, pertinent documents and textual resources.

The project explores the shared history of the two peoples and brings to the forefront previously unknown accounts of heroism and survival.

We are grateful to the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE) for support which made this project possible.

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The website HOLODOMOR MONUMENTS IN UKRAINE was created by the Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre on the basis of information collected and presented to UCRDC by Vitalіy Ohienko, senior scholar at the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory in Kyiv.

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Women’s DP Camp Riccione, Italy, 1945

"They saved other people's children, risking their own"

Lecture by Dr. Igor Shchupak, Director of "Tkuma" Ukrainian Institute For Holocaust Studies and the Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine".

Held on September 20, 2018 at St. Vladimir Theatre in Toronto

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film “Harvest of Despair”
in 4 languages


Нажаль під цю пору працюємо віртуально, а минулого року ми були всі разом.


всім нашим добровольцям за їхню віддану добровільну працю щоби ‘зберегти наше минуле для будучих поколінь’. А в цей нелегкий час бажаємо кріпкого здоров’я і надії на краще завтра коли ми знова зійдемося в приміщенні УКДДЦ.

Іроїда Винницька

Координатор добровольців

Склад архівного гуртка добровольців:

Смеречинська Уляна (12 років); Луців Надія (11 років); Левицька Марійка (9 років); Юник Галя (8 років); Ващук Марта (8 років); Осмак Люба (7 років); Колос Христя (5 років); Кіллам Христина (4 роки); Фіґоль Богдан (3 роки); Мисаковець Наталка (3 роки); Закидальська Оксана (2 роки); Батлер Калина (2 роки); Підкович Іван (2 роки); Дмитраш Петро (1 рік)

Інтерв’юери та інші добровольці:

Сливинська Роксоляна; Ігор Томків; Колос Богдан; Скоп Надя, Гурко Марійка

The “A Canadian War Story” trailer on YouTube:


A century ago, the Sich Riflemen were trailblazers in the 1914-1921 fight for Ukrainian self-determination and defence of independence. Many veterans subsequently emigrated to Canada, and about fifty settled in what is now the Greater Toronto Area.

The ceremonial banner of the Toronto Branch of the Brotherhood of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen is now on prominent display at the Ukrainian Military History Museum in Kyiv. UCRDC has in its collection the original 1954 photo tableau of members of the Toronto Branch.  To complement and update it, we are putting out a call to descendants of these veterans and to all those who hold their memory dear:

- as cemeteries open up post-lockdown, take a picture of the gravesite monument honouring any one of these veterans that you are aware of, and post to our UCRDC Facebook page;

- add any information that you can glean from the monument (eg dates and places of birth and death, rank etc) or any other USR-related information that you might have in family collections.

In sharing photos and historical data, you’ll be contributing to a broader drive in Ukraine and the diaspora to ensure that veterans’ service and heroism are not lost to history because of 20th century displacement and dispersal.

UCRDC will bring your contributions together and make them available on our web and social media resources.

To assist you in documenting the final resting places of the USR veterans, a photo of the tableau is attached, and a transcribed list of names is copied below (actual spellings may vary).

Row 1

М. Луцик / M. Lutsyk

М. Білас / M. Bilas

С. Бріль / S. Bril

С. Булак / S. Bulak

К. Ващук / C. Waschuk

П. Веприк / P. Wepryk

П. Береза / P. Bereza

С. Віндик / S. Windyk

Row 2

В. Гірник / V. Hirnyk

І. Гірник / I. Hirnyk

І. Голубець / I. Holubets

М. Девосир / M. Devosyr

М. Дусяк / M. Dusiak

В. Когут / V. Kohut

І. Когут / I. Kohut

Л. Кордяк / L. Kordiak

В. Кривоус / V. Krywous

І. Кузич / I. Kuzych

Т. Кульчицький / T. Kulchytskyi

Row 3

П. Лозовський / P. Lozowsky

В. Левицький / W. Lewyckyj

О. Левицький / O. Lewyckyj

Т. Лотоцький / T. Lotockyj

Т. Стрілець / T. Strilets

М. Луцький / M. Luckyj

В Маріянський / V. Mariansky

Row 4

С Мацкевич / S. Matskevych

І. Ґада / I. Gada

А. Мондляк / A. Mondlak

А. Моспанюк / A. Mospaniuk

М. Пелешак / M. Peleshak

І. Озаркевич / I. Ozarkevych

І. Особа / I. Osoba

О. Сєцінський / O. Siecinsky

Т. Смеречинський / T. Smerechynsky

Row 5

Я. Солтикевич / Ya. Soltykevych

С. Теребуш / S. Terebush

В. Тисяк / W. Tysiak

о. А. Г. Трух / Rev. A. H. Truch

П. Фіцич / P. Fitsych

о. С. Хабурський / Rev. S. Chabursky

М. Хархаліс / M. Charchalis

І. Цибульський / I. Cybulsky

С. Чорномаз / S. Chornomaz

В. Винницький / W. Wynnyckyj

І. Юріїв / I. Yuriyiv

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A collection of 55 HOLODOMOR MONUMENTS from around the world, commemorating the Ukrainian Famine - Genocide 1932-1933, exhibited at UCRDC in 2019 / 2020.

Dr. Thomas Prymak has written an extensive article about the career and scholarly contributions of the late Orest Subtelny. (Funded by the Subtelny Fund at UCRDC).

  1. Orest Subtelny as Historian-eng.pdf

  2. Orest Subtelny as Historian-ukr.pdf

Orest Subtelny as Historian

Following a successful and highly covered digital premiere November 6, 2020, the new documentary film "A Canadian War Story", produced by the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre and directed by Winnipeg filmmaker John Paskievich, is now available for purchase from UCRDC.

Please see an article by Alan Small of the Winnipeg Free Press about this new documentary film: "The battle to be 'real Canadians'

Documentary tells story of Ukrainian immigrants who put lives on the line for adopted homeland". The link is here.

Tracing and Documenting Ukrainian Victims of
the RAVENSBRÜCK Concentration Camp

Research project by Kalyna Bezchlibnyk-Butler with participation of descendants of victims Christine Eliashevsky-Chraibi, Lydia Eliashevsky-Replansky, Oksana Marciuk, Orysia Marciuk, Marc Infeld.

Introduction by Daria Darewych - President of Shevchenko Scientific Society of Canada 

Iryna Revutsky - President  of Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre

Click image to see this webinar presentation

Ukrainian by Choice explores the ethnicity of people whose one parent is Ukrainian, the other from a different ethnic background. These respondents all speak Ukrainian as a second or third language, are very proud of their Ukrainian heritage and are active in the Ukrainian community in varying degrees.

Project coordinator Iroida Wynnyckyj, project interviewer, writer and editor Ariadna Ochrymovych, video editor and web developer Valeriy Gorchynskyy. The Ukrainian by Choice oral history project is funded by CFUS Curkowskyj Fund.

  1. click here to see project details


Women of  Ravensbruck

The Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre has begun a project to collect the stories of nurses who were with the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army (Divizia) and Ukrainian civilian women who were placed in the Riccione Camp. Documents, photo-graphs, artifacts and oral recordings from survivors or relatives would be greatly appreciated in collecting information for this project.

Please contact at: (416) 966-1819 office@ucrdc.org

Women’s DP Camp Riccione, Italy, 1945

new website of Old Ukrainian Folk Songs

( www.folk-ukraine.com )


"Незвичайні долі

звичайних жіноk.

Усна історія двадцятого століття"

Iroida Wynnyckyj, editor

 read the bookindex_files/Nezvychajni%20doli%20all%20optimized.pdf

What Vladimir Putin has proposed forUkraine is nothing short of Genocide

By Olga Andriewsky

Subjugation will mean the destruction of a vibrant society, the loss of countless lives and the annihilation of a culture. Genocide, in other words.

 read the articlehttps://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2022/02/25/what-vladimir-putin-has-proposed-for-ukraine-is-nothing-short-of-genocide.htmlindex_files/Nezvychajni%20doli%20all%20optimized_1.pdfshapeimage_17_link_0

This is genocide, not war ... preview

By Diane Francis

The significance of Russia’s missile attacks overnight and invasion of Ukraine cannot be overstated: The world order has been completely upended and another genocide unfolds.

 read the articlehttps://dianefrancis.substack.com/p/this-is-genocide-not-war-preview?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email&utm_source=urlindex_files/Nezvychajni%20doli%20all%20optimized_2.pdfshapeimage_18_link_0

Established jointly by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada Ukraine Foundation to provide immediate humanitarian assistance and relief to those in need in Ukraine.

DONATE NOWhttps://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/70605


Documenting the response to the invasion of Ukraine 2022

Please send us your photos, videos, articles and other materials on how you or your organization have supported Ukraine and its people in this significant moment in history. UCRDC will collect and archive your submissions to ensure that these historic events are preserved for future generations.

You can send your Canada Reacts media via website react.ucrdc.ca or email: react@ucrdc.ca

“What do we know about those Ukrainian women for whom Canada became a homeland, but Ukraine never ceased to be their motherland?  Who are those women? What caused them to abandon their native land and trek so far away, across the ocean? …”

Dr. Oksana Kis  -  from the introduction to the book

Life stories of ten Ukrainian-Canadian women who survived the turbulent and often traumatic events of twentieth century Europe and found refuge in Canada where they were actively involved in Ukrainian and Canadian communities.

These life stories were selected from among 250 interviews and are valuable contributions to the oral history of twentieth century Ukraine and Ukrainians in Canada.

Available from The Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre

416 966-1819 office@ucrdc.org. Cost: $39.95


Thursday, September 29 @ 7:00 pm

UNF Foyer Hall, 145 Evans Avenue, Etobicoke